John XXIII and JPII on women

The Pontifical Council for the Laity is publishing a new webpage highlighting the emphasis both popes placed on the role of women.

Next reform: Curia

Curia reform was put on hold in the past few months because the eight-member group of advisors was looking into the Vatican’s finances and economy.

Church struggles in Latin America

Pope Francis has not been able to stem the tide of fellow Latin Americans turning away from Catholicism and toward Evangelicalism, or secularism.


The mystery of the betrayal

The liturgy portrays the treachery from three different angles, each time slightly recasting words that Jesus spoke at the Last Supper.

Christ’s indispensable Body

To be loved by our God is to be changed into something better by our God, even if that change is painful.

Holy week and our priests

This Holy Week, as we remember Christ's suffering on the cross and ready ourselves for the joy of the Resurrection, please also remember our priests.


The truth about the "Mandate"

The Obama administration, to justify its widely criticized mandate for contraception and sterilization coverage in private health plans, has posted a set of false and misleading claims on the White House blog.


A puppet Mass

At the “weirdest parish in the USA,” a Mass with scary, life-side puppets is meant to entertain kids...

complete catholicism video

Robert Royal and Fr. Gerald Murray join Raymond Arroyo to discuss the year year of Pope Francis.

true beauty

sacred spaces